願蒼天佑我台灣!羊年臨走之前給南台灣留下了災難,呵, 天災難防, 祝您在猴年,”猴”整以暇,規劃好人生

羊年臨走之前給南台灣留下了災難,讓我們一起為殃民祝禱 : 願蒼天佑我台灣!
弟 李著華 (艾 野)敬筆

Dear Friend,
In these final days of the Year of the Ram, Taiwan has met with great misfortune. All of our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends, loved ones, and all fellow people affected by this catastrophe. As we cross into the Year of the Monkey, may we remember that with it comes new beginnings, new dreams, and new fortunes. This coming year promises to be filled with change, and the monkey’s quick wits, creativity, and close-knit communities will help us succeed through all the challenges ahead of us.
May God bless Taiwan in this difficult time.
We can all draw inspiration from the monkey, whose cleverness and curiosity allow it to see hidden opportunities, and whose flexibility and ambitiousness lead it to climb above difficulties and reach the top of the highest trees, and whose playfulness always allows it to enjoy life!
We at the Chicago Chinese News and the Southern Chinese News Group are looking forward to another wonderful and bountiful year with our beloved friends and families. It is my sincere wish that our wonderful readers and all people across the world can find renewed success and peace.
Happy Chinese New Year, and may we all be blessed with health and happiness!
Danny Lee

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