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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 08/31

美國国務院表示今年五月及六月总共签發了近十二萬學生簽證來美讀書,其中近半數五點七萬是發給中國人大陸留學生, 占國际學生之半數, 也比2019 年略有增加。

去年因疫情嚴重, 新生人數減少了百分之七十二 ,是有史以來最少的數字 ,大約有四十萬中國留學生滯留美國,幾乎所有往返中美之航班都被取消。

中國留學生來美簽證, 曾經是中美兩國關係緊張的討論課題, 我們非常欣見國務院仍然開放了近六萬名学生前來美國。

我們必須在此呼籲 ,不論中美兩大國如何在國際經濟政治上之衝突和矛盾, 但是國民間之交流是無法中断和停止的。

今天居住在美國的華人 ,多半是美國社會的中堅份子, 他們在各種不同的領域中做出了貢獻 ,美國各大學院校每年招收的學生, 不但解決了各大學財務之需求, 也是為美國培養更多的人才,豈不是舉兩得嗎?!

International Students Enrollment Recovered

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the international students enrollment rate had a precipitous drop in 2020, but this year, according to American consulates, the rate has improved by almost 117,000 F-1 student visa applications in May and June. Among them are 57,000 Chinese students who make up a large portion of the international students in the U.S.

Last year when the number of new students dropped by 72 percent, the number of foreign students dropped to 1.25 million and some students had to take their classes remotely. Another challenge is that travel between China and the U.S. has been largely frozen.

Last year about 400,000 Chinese students were studying in the U.S. including 26,000 students at primary and secondary schools.

We are so glad that the international students can now resume their studies again.

We are a nation of immigrants and many newcomers came to this land and devoted their whole lives to be a part of this country. Once many international students finish their education, many of them will stay in the U.S. and become professionals and help our country grow.

We strongly support the open door policy for all the international students. Many universities and schools depend on the international students’ tuition fees to balance their budgets. In the meantime, they are also supporting our economy too.

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