【大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 – 休斯敦 達垃斯高鐵計劃   羅拔埃克縣長的雄心壯志–美南报业电视集团发行人 李蔚华】

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 12/02

我和赫里斯郡县長埃克是數十年的好友, 從他在年輕時代就代表我們這區當選為德州州議員, 再又當選為大休斯敦地區哈里斯縣縣長 ,他的父親也曾任過縣長, 可謂是政治世家, 但是, 他早年也賣過保險同時上法學院, 毫無官二代之陋習。

他在縣長任內曾面臨新奧良之世紀大颶風,數十萬人湧至休斯敦,在他的領導和協調下, 太空體育館成了難民中心, 同時也規劃完成了環市之八號收費公路及橫貫市中心到兩南區的西園高速, 為休斯敦之發展奠下堅實之基礎和藍圖。

當外界普遍認為他應更上一層樓時, 他毅然離開政壇, 專注於發展一條休斯敦到達拉斯的高速子彈列車計劃 ,據他表示, 原本已和日本安倍政府簽約貸款建造, 但是由于政府更迭, 目前還未定案, 但是這計劃從2008 年至今已經有十三年之久。

埃克縣長今天來到達拉斯, 和各族裔見面, 包括華裔、 韓裔 、印裔 、尼帕爾裔包括華人領袖顧天鵬會長等代表們餐敘, 這位德州共和黨老大之一,再度表現了他的親和力。

今天我們大家在美國面臨了許多挑戰,但是, 這是我們已經選擇了的家園, 我們必須體認到華裔下一代之生存和發展。

我們一定要走進社會主流 ,參與公共事務 ,打造堅實之経濟基礎 ,才是自救之道。


Judge Robert Eckels Met With Local Dallas Leaders

I knew Judge Robert Eckels many years ago when he was a State Representative. Later he became Harris County Judge. During his tenure he built Houston’s Beltway 8 and the Westpark Toll Road. When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, hundreds of thousands of evacuees came to Houston. Eckels and Houston Mayor Bill White rose to national prominence in 2005.

Judge Eckels was the leader who created the High Speed Rail in Texas which will connect Dallas to Houston in 90 minutes. The rail line will span 236 miles carrying passengers on a Japanese-made bullet train and make only one stop at Brazos Valley near Texas A&M University.

As Eckels mentioned, because the government changed in Japan, it will affect the original deal. Tonight in Dallas he met community leaders from the Chinese, Korean, South Asian and many other groups.

We are so happy that the meeting was very fruitful and look forward to seeing how we can be a part of this and other great projects.

According to a New York Times report, people continue to move to Texas from all over the nation. We are here to welcome them to be part of our community.

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