【大俠行天下日記 /英女王伊麗莎白二世時代之落幕/美南新聞集團董事長 李蔚華】

社評 0920 英女王伊麗莎白二世時代之落幕

英國女王伊麗莎白二世之葬禮於週一正式舉行,是英國自一九六五年首相邱吉爾逝世以來首次之國葬大典 ,她是於1947 年在西敏寺成婚,1953 年加冕,最後也在此向大眾告別,代表了一個時代之落幕。

國葬儀式結束後 ,女王𩆜柩移到皇家海軍砲架車上列隊经過威靈頓拱門,成千上萬之民眾在道路上送別。

英格蘭大主教韋爾比在國葬中表示, 很少有人像女王一樣如此徹底地遵守了自己之承諾,也几乎沒有其他領導人像女王一樣去世之後受到如此多的愛戴。


目前除了英國之外, 另有十四個國家奉英國君主為國家元首, 有五十六個國家組成英聯邦 ,成員多半是昔日英國之殖民地是一個松散之組織,在外交及國防方面並没有實質之協調和統一。

近年來 ,英國在政治及経濟上遭到諸多挑戰 ,查理君主是否可能維持在外交上之地位,仍要繼續觀察。

Say Farewell To Queen Elizabeth II

Hundreds of world leaders and dignitaries and as many as two million admirers filled up the streets to say their final goodbyes to the monarch Queen Elizabeth II.

Her coffin was lying in state inside Westminster Abbey to allow the public to pay final respects to the longest serving monarch. On Monday, her coffin left the palace to travel to the iconic English church where her funeral was held.

The Queen reigned for 70 years starting in 1962, until her death on September 8 at the age of 96.

She also served as Head of the Commonwealth which included 54 nations, with 14 of them counting the monarch as their head of state.

In recent years, the United Kingdom has faced many challenges. How can they still hold on to their world leadership will be the big question.

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